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    "Thanks Hudec!" - Hudec Dental Reviews

    Last updated 13 days ago

    I needed to reline my teeth with dentures at the age of 55 and it was suggested by most my age that Hudec is the best around. The doctor Mancuso is young and patient with his clients. There was no complications or pain. My teeth were caped when I was younger and it worked; still some of the teeth were salvaged. Hudec has worked great for me:... More
    Gloria Burton

    "Thanks to Dr. Lefty & staff for making my visit pleasant." - Hudec Dental Review

    Last updated 23 days ago

    Today was my first appts at the Norton office, I get anxious & nervous going to the dentist The front desk girl was very friendly & nice then I saw the hygentist who was very nice & pleasant which helped me to relax some. Dr Lefty came in to go over xrays & explain what's going on & what needs done. I really liked her alot she was sweet. I made my... More

    A Look at Your Hudec Dental Check-Up

    Last updated 24 days ago

    At Hudec Dental, we want all of our patients to have access to the same great oral health services. When you schedule a checkup with one of our dentists, you can expect the following from your appointment:

    The dentist looks over the soft tissues in the mouth to check for signs of oral cancer. He or she also looks for periodontal disease, decay, cracks, and other issues that could lead to bigger oral health problems. If there is any old dental work that is no longer serving its purpose, the dentist will replace it to give each patient the strongest, healthiest teeth possible. If you schedule a checkup once every six months, you can spot and treat issues early.

    Whether you need a regular checkup or more serious work, Hudec Dental is always here for you. We have sixteen locations throughout the Cleveland area to ensure that you can always find a reliable dentist to give you the best oral care. To learn more about our services or our locations, visit us online or call (216) 661-8888.

    Understanding the Risk Factors of Oral Cancer

    Last updated 1 month ago

    Oral cancer is a serious disease that can lead to major health issues, including death. The faster you catch the cancer, the better chance you have of beating it. Keep reading to learn more about oral cancer risk factors so you and your dentist can spot it early:

    Tobacco Products
    Smoking cigarettes, chewing tobacco, and smoking cigars or pipes are some of the biggest risk factors of this form of cancer. The longer a person uses tobacco products, the bigger their risk for developing oral cancer. Smoking a pipe seems to increase the risk even more than other kinds of tobacco. If you use tobacco products, you should make an effort to quit to significantly lower your risk for developing a type of oral cancer.

    Researchers have also found a link between drinking alcohol and developing oral cancer, especially if the person consumes alcohol in addition to smoking tobacco products. In fact, about 70% of people who develop oral cancer have a history of alcohol abuse. Regular drinking and smoking could increase your risk for oral cancer by as much as 100 times. Reduce the amount of alcohol you consume to lower your risk.

    The Human Papilloma Virus
    The Human Papilloma Virus (HPV) is actually classified as more than 150 different types of viruses that are grouped together. Certain kinds of HPV can increase one’s risk for specific cancers, including oral cancer. HPV16 is the strand that is linked to oral cancer and it can be spread through skin-to-skin contact during sexual encounters. Oral cancer that is caused by HPV is often seen in younger patients.

    Visiting your dentist regularly can help you spot any abnormalities early. As with most other forms of the disease, early detection is the key to successfully treating oral cancer. Schedule an appointment with Hudec Dental to get an oral cancer screening that can help prevent a more serious issue. To learn more about our Cleveland dental offices, visit us online or call (216) 661-8888.

    Selecting the Best Toothpaste for Your Needs

    Last updated 1 month ago

    There are a huge amount of toothpastes on the market that target every kind of oral issue. With so many different toothpastes, it can be difficult to find the right one for your need.

    You should always look for a toothpaste brand that lists fluoride as the main ingredient. If you have sensitive teeth, choose a sensitive toothpaste. You can ask your dentist for suggestions about the best kind of toothpaste for your mouth. Check out this video for more tips.

    Schedule an appointment at Hudec Dental to get some of the top dental care in Cleveland. Our dentists work with each patient to ensure they get the best treatment. To learn more, visit us online or call (216) 661-8888.

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